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Soundstream Reviews

I was a professional installer for years and Soundstream were my second favorite woofer to work with. I knew I was gonna be having fun for a couple days building a box, and knew the outcome would be extremely bass ridden. Everytime, they can’t be beat, I’m not gonna be corny or cry, but I got alot of satisfaction in being a part of the enclosure, the system, and what the customer was getting for his everyday life now. Yea I was just an installer but the experience of Soundstream is that great.

I’m just gonna make this one review for every line of woofer they carry and what Amazon has available. I think it’s safe to say you’re looking at one of the best woofers made in the industry, whatever line you purchase, and you’re being more than taken care of with Soundstream, you’re going to get more with their woofers than most brands in car audio.

Soundstream Reference R3

The Reference R3 subs come with a fiberglass cone, they’re soaked in epoxy and pulp. The surround, the outer part of the woofer which protects the cone, is usually made of foam or rubber but the R3s are made of polyurethane because it’s strong and flexible during extreme movement.

Works Best With A Sealed Or Ported Enclosure

Soundstream Tarantula T5

Works Best With A Sealed Or Ported Enclosure

Soundstream STEALTH-124

The STEALTH-124 only needs 3″ for an enclosure. Good for underseat and behind rear seat situations. It’s only available as a 12″ sub.

.75 cubic foot Sealed
1.5 cubic foot Ported
Soundstream STEALTH-13

The STEALTH-13 is the shallowest woofer in car audio, obviously works well for under seats, doors, and trucks.

.5 cubic foot
Sealed Enclosure Only

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