Randall KH120RHS

Randall KH120RHS Review – Kirk Hammett Signature Made Amp

Kirk Hammett Amp Review

The Randall KH120RHS is the most recent of Kirk Hammett’s signature collection. This 120 watt half stack has got a KH120RH head which gets paired by a KH412 4 12″ speaker cab. The cab has got the abbreviation KH which represents Kirk Hammet. Four 50 watt speakers of Celestion Rocket get well fitted into the cab.

One thing that will get guitar players to buy accessories or even amps for their guitars is when a famous musician helps in creating one and sell it up in the market with their name on it. One of these iconic guitarists is Kirk Hammett from Metallica. It is not a secret on how well-loved Kirk Hammett is by his fans. And when you, assuming a fan, wants to buy something that he designs, who wouldn’t want to buy it right away? The name already speaks for itself. However, unlike fans that mostly do not question the creation of someone famous, there are people that want to discern first whether or not the Randall Kirk Hammett is worth buying it.

Randall KH120RHS

While Randall did the manufacturing process of the Randall KH 120, Kirk Hammett provided the design for it. Also considered as a half stack, Kirk’s primary goals for this amplifier is to create a half stack that has 3 of his primary signature tones, yet also affordable enough for the amateur or up-and-coming shredders or with the high-gain guitarists that are on a budget. The amp head of this product also comes with dual-gain stages for both modern and classic voices high-gain tones, including an immaculately clean channel wherein it always stays clean even when the active guitar picks it up.

Tone – It has got a big and thick sound which is clear and clean when tuned via the clean channel. The clarity is perfect in both high and low volumes

Clean Channel – It is amazing how this channel produces a very sterile and clean sound with no distortion whatsoever. Perfect for Metallica songs

Vintage Kirk Setting – If you love the early Metallica style, then this is the amp for you. For classic rock and blues music tones, it can only get used legitimately

Metal Amp – It does not get recommended for blues or classic rock music as it is not the right fit. It rocks when it comes to heavy metal tones


Although it has no valves like the 667 Kirk uses, you will hardly notice any difference. You will enjoy using it in mids relatively low, bass fairly high, and halfway at most.

While the KH120 is quite affordable, you don’t have to worry about the strength, as the 120 watts power will sort you out in any situation.

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