Marshall AS100D

Marshall AS100D

Marshall AS100D Review

What Is An Acoustic Combo Amplifier?

The acoustic guitar amplifier is different from the ones that are created for the electric guitar. The latter creates the sound, while the former doesn’t. What the acoustic guitar amplifier does is that it reproduces the sound of the acoustic guitar at the most accurate measure it can do, working together with the pickups you have chosen. For buyers of the acoustic guitar amps, this kind of amplifier does not change no matter which components are being attached to it. Going for the tube-based amplifier will give you that warmer sound, but its effect will be more subtle when you use the acoustic amplifier.

When you are choosing an acoustic combo amplifier, ensure that you are getting the power level that you really need. For small areas such as practice spaces and venues, the acoustic amps with the 10-watt power will do nicely. If you are playing in huge concert halls, you might need to go way higher on power, such as a 300 watts model. It is your responsibility to scale up the power level according to the size of the areas that you are going to play.

You also need to pay close attention to the speaker configuration as well. Give the bigger woofers with more pronounced bass. If you prefer a sound that is well-balanced and that is not too heavy at the low-end, go for an acoustic guitar amplifier that has several smaller speakers that provides a high-end punch together with a lot of volume for its back up. You will find some models that feature the assortment of varied sizes of speakers wherein it works together in order to boost up the treble and bass, in order to achieve on a rounded, full tone.

Marshall AS100D

Going for the acoustic combo amplifier will provide your guitar its needed boost in order to reach the farthest seats from your stage. Not only will the amplifiers extend the sound of the guitar much further, it will also bring up the sound on a whole new level of any other amplified instruments, which is perfect for your bandmates that will not drown you out.

The Marshall AS100D

This particular combo amp is designed to achieve a variety of acoustic instruments. This amp also comes with varying input features in order to accommodate the instruments that come with piezos, magnetic pickups, and microphones – whether they are the condenser or passive.

You get to choose 16 different digital FX, which also includes 10 Reverbs that produces the natural sounds, plus a very useful feature Anti-Feedback. For 2 pickup instruments, channel one and channel two can get linked to each of the pickups can get independently controlled.
This acoustic combo amp is the primary choice among a lot of professional musicians that play acoustic instruments.

There is the simple fact that a lot of coffee houses and clubs do not have adequate sound systems. In fact, some of them do not have any sound systems at all. For moderately sized shows and solo gigs, this Marshall AS100D is what you will need. It will give you 2 highly flexible inputs for guitars and also a quality preamplifier for the microphone. It also comes with the auxiliary input channel for the drum machine or MP3 player. Plus the 100 watts of the full-range amplification, it can cover easily with most of the midsized rooms.

It will also spice up the sound effects of your music, too. Many musicians, even among music listeners, do not like to listen to a boring and dry acoustic sound. So Marshall has built in some effects right into this acoustic amp. The effects include flange, chorus, reverbs and much more. You can add your favorite processors or pedals through the effects loop. It can also get rid of the annoying feedback at the gig using the Anti-feedback control. This just states that the amp is ready to handle any kind of gig that you have.

Marshall has also built a dedicated XLR DI and line out right into this AS100D. This means that you do not need to worry about needing more power. All you need to do is just plug it into the amp in the PA house and you are ready to roll. This is also an amazing way to record an event or show you do use your handheld recorder.

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