Laney Ironheart IRT120

Laney Ironheart IRT120

Laney Ironheart Review

West Midlands, the manufacturer of the Laney amplifiers, is known for its technical skill and expertise with its audio devices. And with a price tag and build quality that should not be brushed off, the Laney Ironheart IRT120 is a great amp for your guitar. Fit for both modern rock and metalheads, this versatile little amp can serve many musicians well.

The Ironheart Design

The Laney Ironheart has got a slick and svelte satin-black chassis. And one more extra thing that should be taken note of in regards to design is the sleek metal metalwork that was done to it. It has got a very clean profile that looks good and is also cut cleanly. It really does have a stand-out design that may not look flashy, but still carries a bit of sleek gorgeousness to its design.

The front panel of the Laney Ironheart IRT120 is all laid out very neatly. This includes the PCBs and other types of connections and features. The electronics of the Laney amp head is also nicely divided into three categories. This makes it easier to identify the output valves and the overall front panel configurations as well. The whole structure of the front panel also has got a nice bit of rigidity to it. You will not find any of that ill-fitting flex at all if you are ever looking for a strongly constructed guitar amp chassis.

The main output components of the Laney head are towards the back of the body of the guitar amp. This was actually a good design choice for the guitar amp as it allows easy access to all of the main connections that you need to use along with this kind of guitar amp.

Laney Ironheart IRT120

Another awesome thing about the construction of the Laney 120 watt amp is that it’s pretty high-quality. As previously stated, there is no flex at all to the body of the guitar amp. This is mostly due to the solid construction and the wonderful fittings of the guitar amp as well. Even the ancillary components are nicely constructed as well. For example, the top red LEDs are actually built into the device. And they illuminate the overall top of the whole amp quite nicely too. You could not ask for a better built guitar amp since the Laney IRT120H takes construction and build quality to a whole new level.

Ports And Connections

This Laney Ironheart amp that has got a nice selection of a wide variety of ports. For example, it has got a nice balance output with even an XLR connection available, this provides the ability for a switchable speaker emulation. And you can even use the USB selection connection if you want to output a full processed sound from either channel of the guitar amp.

And if you want to connect your MP3 player or even your smart device to the Laney head, then that isn’t a problem either, there is an auxiliary connection available. Users even have the choice to use the headphone outlet as well.

Sound Performance

The sound performance of the Laney Ironheart IRT120 is ideally made for a modern metal rock player. The bright sounds that it produces can be greatly boosted and improved with the digital reverb. The superb clear yet still punchy percussive rhythms will sound great for those that are looking for a guitar amp as a lead set up. And despite having such a clear audio, the volume levels of the Laney Ironheart are still good enough to work in almost any kind of setting out there. You can easily sustain enough full-range for an extended period of time using this guitar amp. And it can also handle detuned or seven-stringed instruments with ease too. On the extreme end of the sound level, you can really hear the digital reverb enhancement that the Laney head uses, this really makes a big difference in the sound quality that it produces.

In conclusion, this kind of guitar amp is for any metal musician that needs an audio device for studio use. If used live, this guitar amp may not have enough power to fill a large gig venue with enough sound. But the digital enhancement reverb that it provides will more than make up for that fact since it definitely improves the sound quality by a lot. For home studio musicians, this kind of guitar amp is a steal for the price that you are paying for it. The Laney IRT is certainly one recommended guitar amp.

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