Kicker KXA400.2 – 400 Watt 2 Channel Amp

Kicker Amp Reviews – KXA400.2

This small amp is great for ease of install, boasts 200 watts x 2 at 2 ohms, 400 watts mono at 4 ohms, or 100 watts x 2 at 4 ohms, and of course like all Kicker amps it dominates with quality sound. The Kicker KXA400.2 comes with a 24db high and low pass crossover, and an 18dB bass boost (KickEQ+), built-in to a smooth looking closing side panel. The crossover can be used together as a bandpass.

The red across the top of the amplifier is it’s LED.

The Class-D amp won’t overheat because of it’s high-mass heatsink and components. Kicker KX amps come with their Fail-Safe Integration Technology to prevent any electronic noise your car may make. They have test tones to download on their website which you adjust your gain with. Turn the test tone on, start turning the gain up slowly, when the gain turns red, turn the gain down until it goes out and it’s adjusted for you perfectly.

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