Kicker KXA400.1 – 400 Watt Mono Amp

Kicker Amp Reviews – KXA400.1

Kicker’s KXA400.1 mono sub amplifier will power your woofer with 200 watts x 1 at 4 ohms or 400 x 1 at 2 ohms, it’s also 1 ohm capable. It’s high-mass heatsink, internal components, and Class-D technology will keep the amp cool at all times. Kicker KX amps come with their Fail-Safe Integration Technology so any noise your vehicle may make is prevented.

The red across the top is the amp’s LED.

A 24db 40-160 hz low pass crossover, a 24db 10-80 hz subsonic filter, and an 18dB bass boost (KickEQ+) inside a smooth looking closing side panel gives you the adjustment you need. Kicker has test tones that you download on their website to tweak the amplifier. With the test tone on, turn the gain up slowly until the gain turns red, then turn the gain down until the light goes out, the amp is adjusted for you.

With the KXARC Bluetooth® wireless remote you have a sub gain, add bass using Kicker’s SHOCwave™ bass restorer, switch the phase of the sub, and get a sub signal clip warning.

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