Fender Twin Reverb

Fender Twin Reverb

Fender Twin Reverb Review

The Fender Twin Reverb is a guitar amp that has got a reputation for having a very clean and polished sound. However, for musicians that want to have a distortion effect, just like some of the more classic tube amps, then the Twin Reverb is capable of that as well. And Fender’s new line of the 65 Twin Reverb hearkens back to their more classic model. However, the new one does have a more modern touch to it.

Features And Design

It has a silver and turquoise colored front facing panel, this has a striking effect that makes people look twice at such at an attractive piece of audio tech. If you are tired of silver and black colored guitar amp boxes, then you should try to get the Twin Reverb amp, it certainly looks way cooler than the rest of the competing amps that are out there. The vertical black lines that separate the various control panels will also add quite a striking effect to the overall front piece of the amplifier too. This is all topped off by a vintage and classy looking Logo on the front grille of the guitar amp, this lends a classic looking design to the amp.

The Fender 65 Twin Reverb has got its own custom channel that has got a lot of new global effects plus a new voicing effect as well. Fender markets these new features as being much easier to use along with a pedal. There is also a Vibrato channel that adds a bit more reverb to any of the tones that you play on this amp. For those musicians that want a more classic sound voicing, they can switch over to the Vintage Channel setting. And that channel feature should provide a sound that is closer to the classic rock tones, such as those made famous by tube-design amplifiers.

Fender Twin Reverb

The durability of the Fender Twin Reverb Reissue is also something that has got to be praised. And it should have an excellent build quality since this is a guitar amp that costs upwards of $1500. So it is quite nice to see that this particular stands up to its hefty price tag. The 65 Twin Reverb can easily last for several years as the primary amp of it’s user. And despite having all of the extras of a premium-designed amp, it is actually quite durable and solidly-built. And it should not fall apart easily at all.

Twin Reverb Sound Performance

Clean tones are what you can get out of the Fender Twin Reverb Amp. The reverb effect is quite nice adding to the polished modern sound that you can get from the amp. And this clean tone is backed up by some nice distortion effects as well. These distortion effects could prove to be a very welcome feature if you are into more experimental or metal rock genres.

The tonal quality is really superb, especially when you compare the 65 Twin Reverb with some of the lower-priced amp models out there. It really has got a noticeable clarity to the audio that you would not find in other kinds of amps. And this is something that real musicians are going to pay close attention to. For those musicians that want the best in terms of sound quality and tonal production, then the Twin Reverb can more than deliver on those ends. And you would certainly love the way that it’s added distortion effects can add a bit more character to your guitar playing.

Firing up the Fender Twin Reverb Reissue can give you a good idea of just how well it can produce a nice tonal range. From the low-ends to the high-mids, you can certainly say that everything sounds gorgeous. And aside from the tonal quality of this amp, it even has got an added bonus of being the loudest in its class. More on its power output will be discussed later in this review.


The Fender Twin Reverb Amp is easily one of the loudest amps that you can get. It can seriously output some powerful audio, which is not surprising at all, given its premium price tag. We can easily see this sort of amp being able to dominate the stage at any loud gig. Even if you play this guitar amp at a full concert, then it would be able to easily ramp up the volume of your music. Even if you use the amp in conjunction with a full band, then it would have no trouble at all outputting awesome tones. Your music will not get lost in the rest of the band music if you ever decide to utilize what this particular amp has got to offer you. In terms of sheer volume, the Fender Twin Reverb guitar amp beats the rest of the competition quite easily. And we find it hard to compare the loudness and power to others that are sold on the market.

The powerful volume output is really why you should buy it in the first place. Ideally, this sort of amp should be used in a live concert setting. This is because that is where the power output of the speakers of this amp can really shine. Since this kind of amp can get really loud it is not that well suited to musicians who are only going to play at small venues. And it is also not that well suited to those that need an amp primarily for home studio use. If you are going to record your music along with a large band, then the Fender Twin Reverb is going to be enough.

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