Fender Mustang 1

Fender Mustang 1 v2 Review

Fender Mustang 1 Review

The Fender Mustang 1 is a 20 watt electric guitar amplifier made by the world-class guitar manufacturer behind the telecasters and stratocasters played by guitar gods for decades. The Mustang 1 has one eight inch Fender Special Design Speaker, one channel with twenty-four preset options. There are controls for gain, volume, exit button, tap tempo, delay, reverb, modulation, preset, master, bass, treble, and save options.

The Mustang 1 amp is the ideal amp for any guitar enthusiast. It is light weight, loaded in features, and easy to use; and this amp carries the respected Fender name that guitar players have known and loved for decades.

Whether you are playing shows at small venues, large venues, or just want to jam in your garage with some friends, the Fender Mustang 1 is an amp you have to take a closer look at. Many were fooled by the small size and too good to be true features; but Fender has really outdone themselves this time, creating a light, portable amp that is larger than life.

Mustang v2

Here’s What It’ll Do For You

For any person seeking a guitar amp that doesn’t take up a lot of space, can crank out quite a bit of power, has effects and styles built right in, and can connect to the computer for deeper editing, more effects and styles, and music storage, the amp for you has finally arrived on the scene. The Fender Mustang 1 v2 can do all of that and so much more. It has everything a player could ever want in one neat, tiny, easy to use package.

The closed back cabinet feature of this amplifier allows it to produce the same great sound that Fender fans have come to love, and the same tone and sound quality one would get with larger amplifiers. This is also made possible by the use of the 8” Special Design speaker.”

24 built in effects make this amp truly special, and the effects are easy and fast to get to and change, even mid performance, with the simple turn of a knob. The effects are made up of 12 delay and reverb effects, as well as 12 modulation effects. With a combination like that, any guitar player can create the unique sound that makes their playing skills truly one of a kind.

Included modulation effects are: chorus, deep chorus, bias/sine tremolo, vintage tremolo fast, optical/vintage tremolo, vibratone slow, flanger, vibratone fast, phaser slow deep, phaser medium, step filter, and octaver.

Delay and reverb effects include: small room reverb, ’63 Spring reverb and ’65 Spring reverb (Fender), large hall tape delay, small hall ducking delay, echo filter, tape delay room, plate reverb, mono delay, stereo tape delay, and tape delay.

The Fender Mustang I is a simple 20 watt amp that weights barely 20 pounds, and measures 14.5×15.5×8.2. It can easily fit in any room, making practice easy; and the headphone jack allows for practicing anywhere, anytime. The amp is also equipped with a tuner, to help you ensure that the sound you are putting out is on key.

Customers have been extremely impressed with the power such a small amp can put out. Many people who purchased this product did so as a gift for a guitar novice, and were very surprised by the high quality of the amplifier.

This amp is well suited for players of rock, funk, jazz, blues, and practically any other style of music where a person would play the electric guitar. Many customers commented on how easy it is to change from one effect to the other using the two available knobs; and it’s easy to remember settings that you favor, with the ability to get back to the desired sound without a lot of control tweaking.

The Fender Mustang 1 is compatible with Fender Fuse software, which makes it easy for users to download the submitted tones of other Fender Fuse members.

Preset storage, patch swapping, and artist content is available with use of this software. Users can access it by connecting their amp to their personal computer via USB. The Mustang 1 v2 is also compatible with the great Ableton recording software for easy home recording and demo creation.

As far as aesthetics go, the Fender Mustang 1 is as nice to look at as all of the bigger Fender amplifiers. It has a black front panel and is equipped with high quality hardware. The grill cover cloth is made of carbon tweed textured vinyl, as well as silver grille cloth for the classic Fender look.


  • Small, and light-weight; easy for transporting to practices and gigs
  • Has excellent volume capabilities, producing loud sound that was once unheard of from small amps
  • Can easily be connected to any computer with a USB adapter, allowing for access to more effects and unlimited storage on any hard drive
  • Provides unbeatable sound for a wide range of musical styles, from classic electric guitar to distorted metal, and more
  • Includes a bank of multiple effects and amazing preset styles
  • Is ideal for guitar players at any level from beginner to professional

Here’s What You Do Next

If you are a guitar player, or you know one who is in need of a high quality, inexpensive, and powerful amplifier, this amp is an excellent choice. It has the look, feel, and features of a classic Fender amp, with all of the new technology that has made amplifiers more than just a practice tool.

This amp is ideal for gigs and practices, while also working as a gateway between your axe and your computer for practical recording, sound storage, and access to an artist and user database of sound a player can only find on Fender Fuse software. To take your guitar playing to a new, advanced level, the Fender Mustang 1 is an easily portable practical must have for your gear collection.

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