Fender Blues Junior III

Fender Blues Junior III

Fender Blues Junior III Review

The first Fender Blues Junior was introduced to the public more than a decade ago in 1995 and ever since then the amp has been a popular line of bass amps. You could say that this sort of product is an oldie but goodie in the amp world, but is the third model or the Blues Junior III any good at all? Well, in this review we will talk about all of the good points that this amp has. So if you are deciding whether or not this is the right amp for you, pay attention to everything.

Sound Quality

The Fender Blues Junior III has superb quality for an amp. It keeps the sound profile as simple as possible and this results in a clean sounding channel. So you could not ask any more of this kind of amp if you are looking for something that can primarily deliver great sounding and clean audio.

The Fender Blues Jr III has got a high-end that just sparkles. This results in even the tiniest instrumentation being heard even in the faint high-end sound range. But that wonderful high-end range does not even affect the mid-range. You will find that the mid-range of this amp will still produce fat and full sounds. Your humbuckers and even the single coils are going to be sounding very nicely and clearly with the clear range of this particular amp product. Just dial down the reverb on your guitar strings a notch or two, or else the guitar amp is going to drown out the rest of your sound. But aside from that minor complaint, the Blues Jr III is a superb guitar amp that provides excellent sound quality.

Design Of Guitar Amp

The main design philosophy of the amp is to keep it simple. And that reflects largely on the whole design of the guitar amp. It keeps things simple with a completely black color with its construction. And the construction quality of this particular guitar amp is another thing that is noteworthy about it. It should stand well in all kinds of scenarios. And you can easily see a full band travelling with this kind of guitar amp in tow, and it should still be able to stand the rigors of travel. You know that this durable amp is going to last you a long time if you ever check it out in person.

The design of the Fender Blues Junior III is overall that of a boxy shape. It just is a black box of an amp. And if you want an amp that appears much flashier, then the boxiness of this particular amp may be an issue with you. However, the boxy shape of this guitar amp is not something that will negatively affect its performance at all. The bass projection is still loud and clear from all angles. If played in the context of a full live band, the bass quality of an electric guitar is still going to be heard loud and clear over the rest of the instrumentation of the band.

Fender Blues Junior III

Another factor that makes the Blues Jr III sound much louder is the fat switch that it has got. This fat switched is beefed up at the bottom portion of the amp. This serves the purpose of increasing and boosting the preamp volume, which can further make the guitar volume get amped up even more. Used with the right humbuckers, this will overdrive the volume all the way up. So even if you set this guitar amp at the mid-volume, you can still get chunky sounding audio that has got a full range of sound.

Performance And Other Factors About Amp

You will want to keep the preamp volume down if you ever decide to use this guitar amp in person with a live band. This will definitely also need to be run with some drive pedals as well. You may want to run the front end of the Fender Blues Jr III, with some of those drive pedals. Keeping those drive pedals can keep the front-end sound a lot more smooth. This will result in a clear sound channel that has got a bright and crisp sound profile. The drive pedals are also really high-quality as well. The pedal platform is really the right size, and it provides enough headroom too. You can be sure that keeping the drive pedals in check will keep the guitar sound at crystal level quality even during live gigs.

Performance-wise the third update to the Fender Blues line of guitar amps really lives up to its predecessors. This line of guitar amps is known for producing crystal clear audio, with the right amount of volume that is fat and loud enough for live gigs. And in that sound-performance depart, the Blues Junior III does not disappoint. It performs handily in all sorts of sound profiles and environments, which produces a clear and pleasant sound profile, as long as you make use of this guitar amp’s features the right way.


Overall, the newest model of the Fender Blues Jr III is really something. It is a guitar amp that can produce crystal clear audio and at the same time, it can also produce the right amount of volume too. It does not lack in sound versatility at all, capably handling mid to high-range sounds quite well. It may be a bit smaller and simpler than other kinds of guitar amps in the same price range, but it does not lack in performance at all.

The Fender Blues Junior III can be a great combo of performance and portability. It is small and durable enough to carry around your gigs, and at the same time, it is also a great sounding guitar amp as well. For those that are looking for a great all-rounder amp, then this is the product for you. It should be also reasonably priced when you find it being sold anywhere on the internet. For the price that you pay for it, the Junior III offers a lot as a guitar amp!

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