Bugera T50 Infinium

Bugera T50 Infinium Review

Bugera Amp Review

Bugera has been manufacturing some of the best guitar amps in the business. And their popularity as a brand of amps is one that is well deserved, some of their best products include their Infinium guitar amps. And if you are a musician that is looking for a new amp, then the Bugera T50 Infinium may be the one for you. This amp will serve you well in a variety of different scenarios, from live gigs to sessions in the recording studio. So if you’re looking for an affordable amp, then this may just be what you’re looking for.

This amp comes with four preamp tubes and an additional pair of power tubes to boot. This packs a lot of power into the tiny and portable chassis of the Bugera T50. Along with those two power tubes and quad preamp tubes, this amp also has got a custom-built amp head that can deliver all of the best sounding and reverberate tunes that you could ever want from such a portable light amp. This means that you can really feel the power of the notes that you are playing. It is really quite surprising considering the amount of audio hardware that they managed to pack into this particular piece of equipment.

Bugera T50 Infinium

The Bugera tube amp also comes with an HD-reverb that can be switched from its operation to A/AB. This gives it a wider flexibility in the tone production that it has got. You could literally say that the T50 is a guitar amp that can play all genres and styles of music. Bugera has added a little something extra to this amp, it also comes complete with an additional Tube Life Multiplier Tech, which can give the tones that you play more consistent sound. And it even adds a boost to the power of your music as well. That coupled with the two-channel system that this particular amp will mean that the number of musical styles that you can cover is going to be practically endless. This truly makes the T50 one guitar amp that can fit the needs and styles of all musicians out there.

Sound Quality

One of the best things about the Bugera Infinium is the fact that it has got an all-tube design. And this is actually a pretty big deal. This is because that all-tube design gives the harmonics a richer and warmer tone. That added distortion of warmth, actually makes the tunes that you play feel more intimate and emotional. This new distortion effect of warm harmonics would sound great in live shows, but it can also carry over well to music that you record in a studio too.

The 6 tubes, 4 preamp ones, and 2 power tubes are really high-quality. And it is these 6 tubes that give the Bugera Infinium its signature harmonics. That unique tone that is produced by all of these tubes will sound unlike any other kind of guitar amplifier out there. And what is more is that you can switch the tonal versatility of this kind of amp even further. You have got the option to change the class A operation to a more classic Class AB, this will actually tone down the warmth distortion but give the music a tighter sound.

The Bugera T50 Infinium goes even a step further with the HD-reverb that it puts into all of your sounds. This finishing touch of a reverb adds a whole new dimension to the sounds that you decide to play with this kind of guitar amp. And you can bet that high-definition reverb is going to be noticeable to the people listening to you play as well. This HD reverb is really something else, as it improves the overall tonal quality of the music that you play using your guitar.

That high-definition reverb can work really well in those big gig settings. Big spacious areas can absolutely be filled up by the gorgeous-sounding reverberation from this amp. But if you want to add a subtler polish to your music, then that is no problem at all. You can easily switch over the settings so that the reverb because less apparent, but the tone of your music still carries the distinct sound produced.

Signature Tube Tone

Bugera guitar amps have their own signature tube tone, and anyone who has handled a lot of guitar amps knows that a good tube tone is hard to achieve. But Bugera has built and tweaked this guitar amp to sound as sweet as you would like. Their signature tube-design has got a unique tonal quality to it. And you can be sure that particular tone is going to sound really awesome with virtually any music style that you choose to play on your guitar. There really is no match for the awesome signature sound that this amp produces. So you would be hard-pressed to find another guitar amp with the same tube design, that delivers the awesome quality of this particular model.

The Bugera T50 Infinium really stands out from the other tube-design guitar amps sold on the market. If you wish to get a sweet sounding guitar amp that provides the right amount of reverb for your live gigs, then you should try out the Bugera T50!

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