Blackstar ID CORE 100

Blackstar ID Core 100 Review

Blackstar Amp Review

The ID: Core’s range of portable recording guitar amps which are mainly used for the studio and practice sessions have become quite a big seller. This is because these kinds of guitar amps offer a great bang for your buck feature set, combined with the combo that is also suited for playing in live gigs. Blackstar amps has released a new portable guitar amp for the wider market as well. And this is their Blackstar ID Core 100, it’s built to serve the same niche as their other portable line of amps. But they still deliver the same useful features that make their other line of guitar amps a really big sell with musicians.

Blackstar ID CORE 100

The Feature Set Of The Blackstar ID Core 100

The new combos that this particular amp has, is relatively lightweight and small when compared to other combos that are carried by similarly priced guitar amps. But the 100 watts of power that it comes packed with will more than make up for its small size. The decent wattage that powers the combos can deliver a pretty great sounding audio even in some bigger rooms. Just do not expect these small combos to drown out the rest of the sound in a cavernous room.

The 10-inch speakers that come paired with the Blackstar ID Core are a special design made by the manufacturer. Each of these speakers will provide a total of 100 watts of power, with each channel having a divided share of 50 watts each. This pair of Blackstar specially designed speakers can also output in a super wide stereo mode. So it may not be the loudest guitar amp speakers out there, but the wide stereo mode is a more than a respectable option for anyone that wants a room-filling audio experience.


The Blackstar ID Core is a pretty smart and no-nonsense looking amp. ID Core followed the same design philosophy as the other kinds of portable speakers that they have also built in the past. It has got a nice new effects looper towards the back of the amp. And it also carries a new polyphonic octave looper too.

In terms of design, you would not find this particular guitar amp to look too flashy at all. It has got a simple black body panel that is covered more silvery front grille panel. This is front grille is topped off with the Blackstar logo. The lettering of this logo is clean and does not distract from the overall design of the whole amp at all. You would find that this particular guitar amp is going to have a wide appeal amongst its users.

Aside from the design of this amp, the build-quality is also something that needs to be talked about. Overall, this amp provides the right amount of durability along with its weight. While it is not a very heavy amp at all, it still provides that reassuring solidness that you should always look for in a guitar amp. It is going to be really great at withstanding the challenges of always moving around. You will not have to worry at all if you ever move around your guitar amp around a lot. With the solid construction and generally excellent build quality of the Blackstar ID Core 100, it is not going to get easily damage even dinged at all!

Sound Performance

This Blackstar combo amp can provide plenty of volumes to provide great sounding audio in any small-sized area. For example, if you are a musician that is primarily going to be playing in small clubs or pub stages, then this particular guitar amp is going to easily provide you with enough of a loud volume. It can hold its own even when placed in a live band setting as well, performing admirably well for such a small and portable guitar amp. The Blackstar ID Core should still be able to provide you with an excellently high volume without the trouble of any kind of distortion of cracking audio from maximizing the volume output.

Generally speaking, it is quite surprising to hear such a pretty loud power output from a portable guitar amp. Blackstar really did something amazing with its twin pair of 10″ custom-designed speakers. It has got a nice audible powerful reverb to it, and this does not sacrifice the audio quality of the tones as well. There was no noticeable distortion to the audio being outputted from the amp, even at the higher settings.


Clean-sounding, portable and plenty loud for its size, the Blackstar ID 100 is an amazing piece of audio technology. You will be surprised at how loud it can get, and you will also find the size of the Blackstar amp to be convenient enough to tote around with you. Musicians, out there, who are looking for a portable piece of amplifier equipment, will love this Blackstar Combo amp. It is going to fulfill the needs of most musicians, who need an easy to carry yet still loud-sounding guitar amplifier. With its low price, it is hard to be the feature-rich offerings and sound performance of the Blackstar ID Core.

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