Blackstar HT-5R

Blackstar HT-5R Review

Blackstar HT-5R

Every musician that performs live needs to have the proper equipment. It doesn’t matter if it’s a local show, a small gig at a party, or if you’re playing a huge concert hall, you have to be able to get the music from the stage to the people.

And whether it’s a screaming guitar solo from the lead or a backup strum from the bass player, an electric instrument is less than useless without an amplifier. And for bands looking for a reliable and powerful amplifier that will get the job done every time, then the piece of equipment you’ve been looking for is the Blackstar HT-5R.

What Will This Amplifier Do For Me?

What the Blackstar HT won’t do is make anyone that uses it a better musician. It can’t improve how well someone plays, but what it can do is make sure that when you play the whole room can hear you. That’s the Blackstar HT-5 goal, and this amplifier is up to the quality standards that users have come to expect from the company and all of the musicial machines it makes for players of all types.

At only 25 pounds and some odd change, this particular amplifier is easy to bring everywhere with you, but it’s also powerful enough that players will be able to use it for a wide variety of different gigs both now and later.

Available since 2004, this model has proven over time and popularity that it can get the job done and that it will stick for the long haul. There’s no greater statement about quality of an amp than that it’s used consistently for a number of years, and that people keep buying new ones when their old ones do finally decide to give up the ghost.

Blackstar HT-5R


When it comes to the Blackstar HT, there is a long list of pros to go through. From the sheer performance of the HT5R to its weight and portability to the ease of its use, there are a hundred reasons for a musician to rely on this particular model of amplifier. Some of the bigger pros that come with using this particular model though are

Small Size – The Blackstar HT-5R is only 9.2 X 17.4 X 16.9 inches, and weighing just over 25 pounds, this particular amplifier is not much of a burden and you can move it wherever you need to go for playing purposes.

Powerful Output – This Blackstar model utilizes dual-triode 12BH7 to create some of the smoothest, richest sound even at lower volumes. This makes it perfect for practice or recording, where musicians may not exactly want to bring down the house in sheer volume.

2 Channels – With a clean and an overdrive channel, there’s a great deal of wiggle room available for players to do what they want to do with their tunes.

ISF Control – This feature emulates headphone output, and it is ideal for keeping it quiet.

Footswitch Controller – Because playing takes two hands and a lot of concentration, a footswitch controller gives musicians that ability to switch back and forth between channels with a single foot stomp. Durable enough to take long term use and a bit of a beating, this is a truly necessary feature.

That’s the short list of reasons why so many musicians elect to get the Blackstar HT to fulfill all their sound blasting needs. Able to go from silent to deafening as need be, with the ability to easily switch between channels and inputs, players would be hard pressed to ask for more than what this amplifier delivers.

And with the convenient size, easy ability to pick up and move anywhere, and the sheer amount of compact sound that it can produce, this Blackstar amplifier is without a doubt one of the best possible investments that a player could make for their equipment for both today and tomorrow.

So What Should I Do?

Well, that really depends on where you stand as a musician. For instance, if you already have an amplifier that provides quality sound at all volumes, that’s easy to transport, and which comes with the reputation of a quality company behind it, then you likely don’t need a Blackstar HT-5 of your very own.

However, if you don’t have a piece of equipment that meets all of these standards and it doesn’t offer all of these very necessary options, then the Blackstar might be just the model that you need for your music.

With a reputation that’s been forged over the past half dozen years, musicians have come to trust Blackstar as a company as well as the HT5R as a model. It’s seen a lot of use in the field, there are a lot of positive aspects and feedback regarding it (the only time feedback on an amplifier is a good thing) and it’s generally come out on top in public opinion as well as customer loyalty. It’s hard to ask for a more solid recommendation than that when it comes to choosing which pieces of equipment make it into your cases.

It isn’t cheap being a musician, and a lot of times tough decisions need to be made. When it comes to working materials and tools though, it’s always a good idea to buy something that’s a quality machine than to get something that’s cheap but functional.

While a skilled, quality player can eke a great sound out of sub-par tools, to really get a song that people want to hear and will flock to, a musician needs to have the best possible tools to forge the best possible sound.

And when it comes to the Blackstar HT-5R, it’s the best way to get the sound out to the audience. So why wait one more day when you could use a great amp now?

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