AudioControl Epicenter Review

AudioControl Epicenter Review

I have owned an AudioControl Epicenter. The first system I had, I was 18, I spent at least $1500 on just product, I was a mobile electronics installer, everyone that worked in my shop helped with the install. I just thought about it and this review may be very short. It works, it does exactly what it says, it restores bass not found with just some amps and woofers.

I have a system with 5 amps, one to go to the subwoofer and one for each channel of the car, not that many watts, 65 a channel and 95 to the sub. The whole interior of the car was sound deadened with Dynamat, the whole interior was removed and any metal covered.

It sounds pretty good. I already turn heads when I pull into anywhere, literally, I got a black Nissan 300zx that looks and sounds good, windows tinted, people are looking at the car that just pulled in.

The Epicenter comes with just a knob you mount up front where you’d like it, turn it up and you will literally get double the bass you already have. This isn’t some chinsy way to rig up more bass, AudioControl has been doing this for 35 years, I had one in 1991 and it’s the exact same product, looks exactly the same.

If I pulled in somewhere with my Epicenter up, I could move the hot blondes hair looking at my car, I’m not too flirtatious but that’s a start. Trust me I lived it.

You will shake the earth with an Epicenter I’m telling you, I remember listening to my system in the shop and neighbor businesses a block away would walk in to see what was going on.

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