Marshall Bass Amp Combo – Marshall Code 50

Marshall Bass Amp Combo

The Marshall Code 50 Digital Combo Amp is a product of the finest and perfect technology. Technology has succeeded in transforming Marshall into a lasting legacy. It’s amazing how its small amp taps all your favorite tunes. With a various range of cabinet simulations, digital amp versions, FX, and power amps offered, you are guaranteed to achieve any tone you need.

I love the fact that you can mix and match a Marshall Bass Amp with different glistening cleans, present high gain options and vintage crunches, where various simulations such as 1*12, 2*12, and 4*12 get to run. By appending a 24 FX selection, you get to enjoy a complete set up that meets all your requirements.

The Marshall amp has a fantastic CODE that possesses speaker cabinets of 8 MST, 14 MST preamps, and power amps of 4 MST. It’s 24 FX comprising of Auto Wah, Chorus, Compressor, Phaser, Tremolo, Classic Stompbox Distortions, Pitch Shifter, and Flanger. You get to experience the best quality of Studio Reverbs while you enjoy Delays with Tap Tempo.

Think of any best produced and adored Marshall tones and it all narrows down to be the work of preamps of CODE MST. Such sounds include JCM2555 Silver Jubilee, 1962 Bluesbreaker, JCM2000 DSL 100, JTM452245, 1959SLP Plexi, JVM410H, and JCM800 2203. The Marshall Combo Amp gets characterized by its power amp voicings of 5881, 6L6 MST, EL34, and EL84.

You get a variety of MST speaker cabinets such as 1974X, 1912, 1960HW, 1960V, 1936V, 1960, 1960HW, and 1960AX. Connecting the amp is easy through Bluetooth or USB. With the help of the Marshall Gateway Software, you get to control all the amps functions and features remotely. Mobile devices have an app for its software which comes with extra features like tutorials, upcoming online community access, and patch sharing.


• Four power amp models
• USB Port
• Aux. input
• Single input
• Marshall Bass Combo weighs 28.6 lbs
• Footswitch sold independently
• Headphone output
• 20.86 inch. * 17.32 inch. * 11.02-inch dimensions
• Controls: volume, delay, mod, power, cab, amp, gain, 100 presets, 3-Band EQ, and pre FX
• Five – 24 FX
• Android integration and Bluetooth iOS
• 8 Speaker cab models
• 14 preamp models
• 50W of power


• Suitable for a home studio
• Perfect for outdoor events
• You get to experience quality recording
• Easy to use.
• Its light weight makes it easy to carry around
• The sound is excellent
• The power output is perfect

If you value quality and results, then the Marshall Bass Combo is the guitar to own. I recommend it to all serious guitarists.

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