Marshall AS100D

Marshall AS100D Review

There is no amplifier more perfect for a one-man show than the Marshall AS100D. It is a versatile, all-in-one powerhouse of an amp, in a compact, portable package. You can use it for more than just a guitar, it will work with a variety of acoustic instruments, and this amp can be used for vocals and a synthesizer as well. There’s no need to carry around a whole lot of equipment; especially if you are a single man show, this baby doesn’t need roadies and a truck.

The AS100D is a dual 50-watt, 2×8 combo amp that has a sound a lot bigger than it is. You get the great Marshall tone that put the company on the musical map, and a lot of great features. There are four channels on it, meaning you have some options. Two channels are there for pickups, and the other two are for mic and auxiliary, meaning you can plug in your stereo, mp3 player, or other sources of audio. There is also a way you can attach this amp directly into a PA system, just in case 100 watts doesn’t give you the volume you like. Unlike most amps, which cause horrible feedback when you do this, the AS100D has several feedback control switches, so you can get rid of the annoying noises.

If that’s not enough bells and whistles for you, there are sixteen digital stereo effects built-in, and they are adjustable. The number of different sounds you can create with this amp is amazing, and it offers acoustic players some options that normally aren’t available without switching instruments. There are so many things you can do with this one amp; it really cuts down on the equipment you have to carry around.

There are plenty of reviews online of the Marshall AS100D, and the overall consensus seems to be that almost everyone who owns one loves it. There are raving reviews from people who play individually and with bands, and from those who are beginners (or just not too serious about music) and those who play the big venues. Overall, if you are an acoustic player looking for an amp that does it all for you, plus you want easy to use, portability, and powerful sound, then the AS100D is a great one to try.