Hartke Bass Amp Review

Do you love to play bass? Then getting a good bass amp is certainly a must. It truly makes all the difference. It will also come in handy that you can use an amp for purposes other than just playing guitar.

Hartke is a well known name in the in bass amplification world. They have truly mastered speaker and amplifier engineering and have a range of high quality products. Buying a Hartke amp is rarely a decision one would regret.

In this article we will talk about the Hartke HD50 Combo Amp and whether or not it’s good the investment.

Hartke Bass Amp Review

Hartke Bass Amp Review

Hartke recently started using a new speaker design called the HyDrive. This new technology found in some newer models teaches us what progress in technology sounds like.

The HD50 is a 50 watt combo amplifier. This is kind of a must for students and people just starting off. A professional could still use this type of amplifier on lower-volume gigs.

The Hartke Bass Combo has the perfect construction as well. It’s solid quality and is certain to withstand even the occasional drop. What’s really impressive is what they have managed to get on the market at this price.

HD50 Controls and Features
The Hartke bass amp gives you just enough control to make sure it gets the job done right

This amp comes with stereo jack inputs for external audio devices or headphones. You can play your favorite music on it, as long as you have a place to plug it in.


This isn’t the lightest amp to move around. It’s still quite small though, and as long as you don’t plan on carrying it around with you all the time, moving it shouldn’t be a problem.

Final thought on the Hartke Bass Combo

The HD50’s sound tone and quality are great, and whether you are a beginner or someone who has been strumming the guitar for a while, buying one of these is worth the investment.

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