Fender Twin Reverb

Fender Twin Reverb Review

The Fender Twin Reverb has a long history at the company, and it’s no wonder. Players like it for its exceptionally clean sound that can give you some true tube distortion when you want it. And for the last couple of decades, a successful vintage reissue model has been available carrying on the tradition.

The original Twin Reverb was based on the Twin, a model that dates back to the 1950s. In fact, the Twin joined the Fender lineup two years before the venerable Stratocaster. The Fender Twin Reverb is an all-tube electric guitar amplifier with two 12-inch speakers.

The speaker brand varied through the years of its original release. Often called simply the Twin, this can lead to some confusion with other models. In 1992, the Fender Twin Reverb Reissue came out, a blackface amp with an 85-watt rating. For this model, Jensen C-12K speakers do the honors.

A few changes make it less than authentic, but more dependable and compatible. There’s a printed circuit board inside and a ¼-inch jack for the footswitch rather than the RCA jack on its namesake model.

Originally, the company planned to make a limited run of only 300 of these, but the Fender 65 Twin Reverb was a hit, so it’s still in production. While it lists for almost two grand, you can easily pick one up new online for less than $1,400.

The reissue model is still sold for its exceptionally clean sound, perhaps the cleanest option you can get from Fender. Crunch is slight but noticeable when you crank it up. It’s complete with two channels, true tube vibrato, spring reverb and tilt-back legs to help you aim the sound for better distribution over your audience.

So what’s the appeal of the Fender Twin Reverb? What made this model so popular that years after it was discontinued it came back in a reissue model that seems to be a permanent fixture in the Fender lineup?

When you add Fender dependability to the all-tube, vintage sound that’s the cleanest available, you get a match made in, actually, made by Fender, one of the nation’s finest amp makers.

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