Fender Super Reverb

Fender Super Reverb

Fender Super Reverb Review

Fender has been a manufacturer of guitar amps that have been long well known in the business. They have consistently put out some of the best looking and sounding amps on the market. And if you have a picture of a particular amp, then chances are it’s the Fender series that you are thinking about. And with the recent rise in popularity with classic amps again, it is no wonder that Fender is seeking to rerelease all of its old amps. And this is where their reissue of the Fender Super Reverb amp comes in. They have decided to reissue the old ’65 model of their Super Reverb line and we will review it in-depth for you. With the Fender Super Reverb Reissue, the company has gone back to its classic guitar amp roots. But is it worth it to spend fifteen hundred dollars on an amp? For those that want the best in loudness, build quality, and tonal quality, will the Fender issue of their Fender Super Reverb model live up to its predecessor.

The Jensen speakers that are found in this amp can produce some of the best sounding audio that you can find in its class. And this is all thanks to the power amp combo that the Fender Twin Reverb has got. This is truly a sound quality that is in a league of its own. The clear audio is definitely going to be a favorite amongst musicians. And you can also delight your audio with the unique sounding clear tones that this kind of amp has. And it delivers this clear sounding audio without overdriving the tones at all, which is a very welcome audio feature.

Fender Super Reverb

The highs are nicely pronounced, and the lows are very nice and gritty. This kind of audio quality is very high-quality. Again Fender has lived up to its reputation for producing some awesome sounding guitar amps, and the reissue of their Super Reverb certainly shows that Fender is still on top of their game. With the clear sounding audio, none of the notes that you play are going to get lost in the distortion at all. And what is better is that there is also no sacrifice in volume, since you can play the Twin Reverb as loud as you want, and the audio quality is still clear. There are virtually no hitches to this sort of audio equipment at all.


The Fender Super Reverb Reissue adds a distinct tone that it outputs. And this is actually pretty characteristic for vintage guitar amps, especially those all-tube designs that you used to see in the past. This is no surprise at all since the Super Reverb could be considered an update to their 65 amp model of the same name. They have added new and more modern hardware to their reissue, but they have stuck with that same sounding tone. And this is actually for the better since the amp is very well suited for playing those classic guitar tracks that a lot of musicians seem to favor.

The tone can be changed if you want other kinds of distortion effects. The All-tube 45-Watt design has got two different channel settings, which are Vibrato and Reverb. You can switch to the Reverb channel if you want to get more of a polished sound to the music that you’re playing.

Awesome Power Output

Do not be fooled by this classic reissue, this vintage all-tube of an amp can beat even its modern contemporaries in terms of loudness. Each tube is capable of outputting at least 45 watts. And this can produce a pretty loud and powerful sound output from a single amp.

If you’re looking at this amp simply for its loudness, then you are not going to be disappointed at all. This is going to be more than loud enough to play at those huge venue concerts, so rock musicians are definitely who this amp is going to be for. The volume can be turned down for some of the more quieter venues, such as smaller clubs, etc. But playing in a big open area or theater is where the Super Reverb can really shine.

Surprisingly Portable

One thing that is quite surprising about the Fender Super Reverb is that it is actually quite portable. The amp can be lugged around quite easily, with no problem whatsoever. And this is all thanks to the clever design that Fender has built it with. Despite being packed to the gills with high-quality and top of the line audio hardware, the Super Reverb manages to be quite light thanks to its use of lightweight materials for its construction. This will mean that the average person should have no trouble at all lifting this amp around. Even with the huge 4 x 10″ Jensen speakers inside of this thing, the Super Reverb manages to be quite amazingly portable for such a big and loud guitar amp.

Fender advertises this kind of amp as being built for the long-haul. And based on its build quality, that most certainly seems to be the case. For traveling musicians, then this amp is going to be the one for you. It should hold up quite nicely to any trials and tribulations that you may put it through on the tour bus. And you can easily haul it on stage for live gigs if you happen to need to set it up quickly. The Fender Super Reverb Reissue is definitely an amp that can take a hit or two, so you would not have to worry about denting it.

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