Bugera V22

Bugera V22 Infinium Review

Bugera V22 Review

The sound of a vintage tube amp is something that sounds classic. You could say that nothing beats the unique tone of the music that you can play on these kinds of amps. But the prohibitive cost of buying a vintage amp makes it hard to get. For the average person, it is simply way too expensive to get a vintage one. And that is where the Bugera V22 comes in. Bugera is already a well-established manufacturer in the amp industry so you know that you can trust their products. And this particular tube amp that they have made also sounds and looks like a vintage amplifier as well.


The Bugera V22 Infinium looks like an amp that comes from the 60’s. It’s clean yet classic design pays regard back to those classic rock amps that were used by all of the famous rock artists. The front panel features dial switches that have got clean lettering and labels, which makes it rather easy to read. Users of this particular amp should have no trouble at all knowing which knob controls which settings.

Simply put, the Bugera V22 Infinium is a gorgeous piece of audio equipment. The all black wraparound panel makes it really look classic. Plus the addition of the dignified black and white color scheme makes it have a subdued look to it that should appeal to a lot of musicians. If you are a fan of the look of those vintage and classic amps, then you should also love the look of the Bugera V22 as well. It has got a look that makes it stand out amongst the more modern guitar amps being sold currently, but it still has got that same vintage look that makes it have a similar profile to classic ones.

Bugera V22

And despite having such a beautifully classic design, the overall construction of this amp is pretty excellent as well. You should find no fault in the build-quality and overall durability of this neat little tube amp. And while it is a tube amp, it does not have the same heft and heaviness of those older tube amps. So even if it is vintage-inspired, it will still be much easier to carry around than those older and bulkier models.

Sound Quality

And this is where the Bugera V22 Infinium really shines, It uses an all-tube design that really has got a classic rock vibe to it. The music that you play using this amplifier is going to have that particular reverb that just makes it sound a bit more like an oldie song. Classic rock guitarists are definitely going to love the way that his amplifier makes their music sound. The tonalities of the rock music amplifier really give it a unique sounding tone to it. Plus it doesn’t sound half-bad either for more modern rock pieces.

If you wish to play modern-sounding music on the Bugera V22 then that’s not a problem at all. The initial setting can be changed. You can switch the classic channel setting to get a more modern sounding tone. So if you want to play a more clean and polished modern rock song, then just switch over to a different channel setting. The Equalizer should help you switch over to the cleaner mids and highs so that your music will not contain that vintage-sounding reverb anymore.

Musicians can also really wail out some sick chords on this guitar amp. The 70-watt drivers are paired up, so this means that you get some high power from this particularly portable amp. Just turn the volume knob all the way up, and you are going to be surprised at just how powerfully loud that the Bugera V22 is going to get. And what is more is that there is no loss of sound quality even at the higher volume settings. You can keep playing a crisp sounding song, even if you have just turned the volume all the way up.

Portability And Weight

For such a great sounding amp the Bugera Infinium is quite lightweight, and this is actually a feature that is in its favor. This is because musicians who need to move around a lot can easily bring the V22 around. If you play a lot of live gigs, then you should find the V22 to be more than adequate to help you play in those live settings. Ideally, the Bugera can play out loud music in both bars and clubs. For those bigger venues, the Bugera V22 can perform also quite nice. It should have a volume output that can rise nicely above the normal din of a smaller gig. And all of this can be had in such a portable package.

Size-wise the Bugera Infinium is even better, this is because it has got a fairly compact profile that should allow you to fit it into smaller areas and storage spaces. So even if it is a tube amp, it has got none of the usual bulk that is associated with those pieces of vintage audio tech. The Bugera V22 is really a portable and light machine that you can use as an amplifier for your electric guitar.

Final Words

The Bugera V22 Infinium is an easy recommendation to those classic rock musicians out there. This advice applies especially to those classic rock musicians who need an amp they can easily carry around with them. The V22 has got all of the right bells and whistles, plus it also features a tube design. This allows it to have a signature sound that is definitely going to pair nicely with all of the classic rock songs that you can play on it. That along with its affordable price will make it a strong contender for an all-around awesome guitar amp.

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