BlackStar Amp Review

BlackStar Amp Review

Amplifiers have come a long way from where they were. Plenty of companies including Laney, Hartke and Blackstar have been improving their products year by year. The sound and tone an amplifier can produce these days can be absolutely amazing. With the improved software and hardware technology, amplifiers are now better and cheaper than ever. Although there are plenty of amplifiers on the market, there are only a few worth mentioning that are actually within a reasonable price range.

Our favorite amplifier manufacturer has to be Blackstar. They produce high quality amps and listen to their buyers in order to increase quality with each new generation. Having the ability to buy a powerhouse like the ones produced by Blackstar for the prices they offer is actually pretty great. Whether you are a guitar lover, or someone who just enjoys listening to music or hosting large parties, amplifiers like these will surely come in handy.

Blackstar ID Core 100 Review

Blackstar are known for making great products. Their products are an authority in the amplifier world and truly are one of a kind. They always give the competition a run for their money.

We only realized how great of a product the Blackstar ID Core 100 is after reviewing it. I can’t think of a single bad thing to say about it, especially with this price tag. That’s why it gets our number one spot.

The ID CORE 100 is a 100 watt amplifier that delivers a lot of power. Its carefully engineered 10-inch speakers deliver 50 watts of power per channel.

This amplifier delivers its tone with a purpose. That purpose is making you feel a guilty type of pleasure while your ears orgasm.

The powerful ID Core 100 combo comes in with a built-in polyphonic octaver and looper effect. Their is also an effects loop in the rear. This means that you can combine effects with this amplifier’s studio-quality reverb, delays and modulations. It allows for up to 36 patches with the six programmable amp voices.

In the channel section you get the equalization effects bass, middle and treble. You also get knobs for the voice, gain, volume and all the other effects this amp offers.

The USB input will allow you to connect the Core 100 it to your favorite device. The technological advances and growing competition in this industry allows for no excuses, and the fairly affordable Blackstar ID Core 100 can generate a lot of noise, making it more than appropriate to use at smaller clubs or parties. This amplifier’s amp voices were enhanced for better live use, without sounding terrible. You get plenty of power for live performance and a wide range of tones.

Weighing at a little bit over 12 kilograms, the ID CORE 100 is still movable. It isn’t the most portable of amplifiers, but you can still drag it around without too much hassle. Compared to the power it outputs, this is actually very little weight.

It has an included USB recording interface, which makes it perfect for studio or home use.

Should You Buy The Blackstar ID Core 100?

Purchasing this amp really is a no-brainer. If you are looking for something that is definetely the best in its price range, this is a great option. The Blackstar ID Core 100 is an amp that delivers amazing power. It is worthy of standing next to you while you perform (if you do) and provides all the features you need from an amp. This amp is not even comparable to its competition. It’s such an amazing powerhouse that will serve you on any occasion. Portability of it might not be best, however, having 100 watts packed inside of this monster should allow for that. This black beast can last for ages and will help with plenty of gigs.

The Blackstar ID Core 100 is definitely one of our best recommendations. Not only for the fact that this amp is the best in its price range, but because of everything else it brings to the table.

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