Blackstar HT CLUB 50 Review

The famous Blackstar HT CLUB 50, a 50 watt, two channel head guitar amp is a breakthrough for the Blackstar Company. It’s well fit at home, club, studio, or in your rehearsal room.

Are you a gigging guitarist? Then this is the guitar for you. The channels are clean and overdrive, they range from classic-crunch to super-saturated-lead. Isn’t this amp fantastic? Truly, this is the ultimate guitar amplifier head for a real guitarist.

Blackstar HT CLUB 50 Review

• Clean voice switch
• Master volume
• Speaker emulated output
• Cool vintage style
• 50-watt valve head
• A pair of foot switchable channels
• 2*ECC83, 2*EL34
• Overdrive voice switch
• Effects loop
• Patented Infinite Shape Feature (ISF)
• Enhanced tone controls
• Dark/bright switch with digital reverb


• The Blackstar HT Club 50 incorporates 2*ECC83 and 2*EL34 valves
• You get to switch between the Clean and the Overdrive channels by use of your foot
• The ISF patented control allows you to tune into the USA and the UK drive effortlessly. I love the fact that you can also choose anything in between the two countries
• You get to control the overall reverb effect by tuning the Reverb Control sets


Are you a musician and need more power? The Blackstar HT Club 50 will be your best choice. It’s portable and handles enough power to take over a big stage, your audience will love it too.

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