Blackstar Fly 3 Mini Amp Review

Blackstar Amp Review

Owning an amplifier can come in handy on many occasions, parties, playing your own music, or just listening to whatever it is you like. There are plenty of amps to choose from and nowadays they have all kinds of different options. However, most of them stick with the same core features. Today we are going to look at a very unique amplifier, one that runs on batteries.

The Fly 3 Mini is a great amplifier produced by Blackstar. This mini amp is quite compact and it has one very unique feature, it runs on batteries.

Blackstar Fly 3 Mini Amp Review

Not many amplifiers have this capability. Being able to run your amplifier on batteries means that you can take it absolutely anywhere you want. Outdoors or indoors; at a party or camping. Wherever you wanna go, it can be right there with you and that is quite awesome. With the Fly 3 you have the perfect portable sound booster. It has only 3 watts of power, this beast, however, is not to be underestimated.

A few characteristics of the Blackstar Fly 3

This amp comes with a built-in MP3/Line In jack, which lets you connect almost any device out there, and play whatever you want from it. The Blackstar Fly has 2 channels, clean and overdrive. Despite being powered by batteries, it can also be DC powered.

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