Ashdown Bass Amp Review

Ashdown Bass Amp Review
The Rootmaster RM500C210 is temporarily out of stock but I have the Ashdown TOURBUS-15 15-Watt 1×8 Bass Combo at the link below

A good amplifier can be of great use. Whether you want to rock your guitar or just listen to some loud music, an amp can surely come in handy. There are different types of them, with different power and controls. These days you can even find battery-powered amplifiers.

The Ashdown Rootmaster RM500C210 would definitely be an amplifier worth mentioning. This combo amp made by Ashdown is one of the best bass ones out there. After all, this British company has produced some of the best bass amplification products ever made. They have been evolving year after year, and they really know what quality means.

Ashdown Rootmaster RM500C210 Review

Ashdown Bass Amp Review

The design is far better than the previous version, and most important of all this thing sounds absolutely fantastic.

It’s not just it’s features that make it so great, it’s the sheer power it can produce. The new Ashdown White Line speakers give a very refined tone.

You get a passive and active input jack for high or low output instruments, thus allowing you to fine tune your input. The amp comes with a 5-band EQ, on-board compression, drive control, shape button.

This device is an absolute beast! The Ashdown Rootmaster RM500C210 has 500 watts of power and it comes with plenty of features which help boost onstage performance. Of course, 500 watts is a lot of power so this beast might not be the most ideal for your home. If you want something that’s cheaper, but still powerful.

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Ashdown Bass Amp Reviews