Ashdown Bass Amp Review – Rootmaster EVO C210T 500

Ashdown Bass Amp Review

The manufacturer of the Rootmaster EVO C210T 500 has been producing high-quality bass amplifiers for years and years now. And with their Ashdown Rootmaster EVO C210T 500, have they lived up to their reputation? For those musicians out there those are looking for a great piece of audio equipment at a killer price, and then look no further than the Rootmaster. Ashdown Engineering really has lived up to their good reputation. They have made an outstanding device that can have a great sounding level of bass amplification.


The Ashdown Rootmaster RM500C210 has got a number of combo features that make it stand out amongst the competition. And if you are thinking about getting this particular bass amp then you need to familiarize yourself with the full set of features that it has got. This would allow you to come to a better decision about whether or not the Ashdown bass guitar amp is the right one for you. And generally speaking, the number of features that this amp really makes it a real luxury too.

The Ashdown 2×10 amp packs a number of features that give it a reliably powerful tone for rock music performances. It’s got the 500 watts that allows it to have a lot of power for some boosted volume. You can really say that this powerful tone is thanks to the heavy driver that this amp comes with.

The sub harmonic generator that comes packed into the cabinet of the Ashdown 2×10 is also a delight to use. This allows users to tweak it directly to the sound specifications that they want. The amp has more flexibility when it comes to the production of its tones. This will be greatly coupled with the on-board compression unit that is also fitted into the compact cabinet as well.


Paired with that compact cabinet is a pair of 10″ speakers that can deliver a powerful sound generation. These two speakers can also output audio that has got XLR support. This XLR output can improve and boost the audio quality of the sound that it produces, which makes the sound produced even better. The multiple outputs from the soundboard can be connected to a DI box and other external outputs to let its users fully control it even further.

Tweaking The Amp

The equalizers of this bass amp can be tweaked to produce a more flexible range of audio, nd the Rootmaster also has got a five-band equalizer setting too. This can be used to tweak the amount of bass or any other sound range that this particular bass amp can produce. With a wide range of sound production all the way to 240 Hz, you can be sure that you can tweak the sound EQ of the Rootmaster however you would like.

You can get clear high-end sounds if you tweak the EQ just right, and you can even get some satisfyingly mid and low sounds too. All of the traditional highs to muddy low-end sounds are also going to be improved one way or another with the range of tweaks that are possible.


The Ashdown 2×10 amp has got further controls that allow users to shape the sound that it outputs. And the EQ settings are just a singular part of those control settings. The Ashdown bass guitar amp has got more up its sleeve with it comes to flexibility of controls. This is the single knob that can be used to adjust the subharmonics, overdrive, and even compression of the guitar amp as well. This single knob is very useful in any settings as it allows musicians to easily tweak the sound output to their preferences, both in-use at studios or live performances.

For example, the overdrive controls can be used to tweak the sound output quite nicely. Users can get a more dirty sounding output from their bass guitar amp if they desire. This kind of level of control that comes with this guitar amp makes it a really flexible piece of audio equipment. And it can serve well in as a variety of different music setups, being able to produce multiple tones with different resonances that would suit the guitar style being played.


The Ashdown Rootmaster EVO C210T 500 certainly provides a lot of features that make it a steal at the price it is, it certainly is one of the top range pieces of audio equipment that you can get at this particular price level. The control combo along with the whole list of connections and features make it a versatile piece of a guitar amp that can produce a flexible number of tones. You can rig it up for a studio set-up, but it could also be easily used for audio set-ups for a live musical performance as well.

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